Life, Passion and DeathLife, Passion and Death

“Through my work, I aim to represent a form of Romanticism adapted to the modern world.

Death is always there, under one guise or another ! However it is counterbalanced by a desire for the being freely to tend towards the Absolute.

This movement is conveyed in my paintings, namely through the use of chiaroscuro, created by colours shading off into one another and converging towards a source of light – a symbol of life, beauty and hope in the infinite.

The 21st century will be better or worse. It will be what we make of it ! And I feel that my paintings definitely belong and have a part to play in this world, where, maybe, the worst can still be avoided.”

Les 3 Âges de la Vie

The 3 Ages of the Life

Une Passion


Les Adieux


Avant de continuer

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