Man and the CosmosMan and the Cosmos

"The paintings inspired by this topic do not fulfill the criteria of the works cited previously, because music and myths did not influence the way they were conceived.

These paintings are the result of a spontaneous idea, of a more intuitive perception. Its essence is very closely related to the quest for knowledge. Symbols are also a language and the medium of a force in action.

Man becomes aware of his place and his role in the universe and cannot help but go on a compulsive quest without ever satisfying his curiosity. . In this way, he attempts to penetrate raw matter to seek out its subtle elements.

Some paintings also depict the story of the confrontation of one’s being with the world, or, conversely, its integration into it.

However, these works share the same approach and have an identical purpose: to get closer to the universe and search for balance and the Absolute.

My artistic expression aims to dust off some episodes of the past and of romanticism in particular in order to integrate them into a cosmic universe.

Le Paradou


La Forêt

The Forest

As opposed to some modern trends that want to do away with the past, I firmly believe that nothing can be achieved if we deny this heritage that has been passed on to us. Even if this heritage dates back to the beginnings of time, we need not only to understand this message, but also to adapt it to our time. It is the inheritance of a much more ancient culture which brings out revelations in man today and conjures up questions in his mind.

My approach of the universe, as conveyed in my paintings, may seem strange for it does not appear to show the current problems faced by our planet. But, I think that, given the chaos and the mindlessness witnessed in today’s society, we cannot hope to raise man above his condition and to protect him from his own destruction by merely “speechifying” about everyday life, with more or less of a good moral conscience. Man must acknowledge the fact his restlessness is a source of confusion and find a solution to his duality and lack of maturity.

A positive mindset, clear-sightedness and an attraction to all things beautiful are instrumental in bringing about personal fulfillment and liberation from the limiting, inhibiting forces of fear and illusion.”

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