Far beyond a mere geographical discovery, it is a symbolic journey that Roy Jaeggi invites us to embark upon

a journey through time and space, in search of harmony, love and beauty.

This essential quest for enlightenment and a “spiritual core” and this aspiration to a more serene sphere are upward forces that carry us.

Beyond the usual contingencies of life, we have to step through the looking glass, to develop the ability to perceive the imperceptible and to take the time to listen to silence. Roy Jaeggi’s work should be seen in this light. Once one moves beyond the strict craftsmanship and painstaking technique, a whole new universe opens up, full of symbols that take us onto a journey of initiation that has no beginning and no end.

This is a world of obstacles to overcome and of experiences to enjoy. One then needs to wander through dense forests, climb over forbidden fences, walk over mysterious bridges, sail across dangerous seas, let oneself be carried by rainbows bringing one to freedom to finally reach more peaceful shores.

But, in fact, cannot this journey of initiation, suggested and even triggered by Roy Jaeggi, only be accomplished within oneself ?

Is this journey not also what the painter invites us to, through different paths, so that we will understand his work as a whole ? And so this process ultimately gives cohesion and a unity of time and place to his original and personal form of expression.

Deir eL-Bahari

Deir eL-Bahari

Egypte. Vie et Mort

Egypt Life and Death

La Moldau

La Moldau

Avant de continuer

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