Nordic NostalgiaNordic Nostalgia

"As I have already pointed out, my paintings are of Nordic inspiration."
This choice is not restricted to the South, while more cheerful and bright, but so much less mystical and nostalgic!

Of this Northern land, I love the culture, history and legends where the natural world and the supernatural intermingle.
I feel suffused by its calm, mysterious expanses of land, which are for me an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Vlaanderen I - Nocturne

Vlaanderen I - Night

Vlaanderen II - A l'Aube

Vlaanderen II - At dawn

Ode au Romantisme

Ode to Romanticism

The painting “Vlaandern” is a tribute to the country where I was born. Through its forms and hues, it conveys the utter closeness that I feel towards this flat country where the eye is free to gaze ever further and where the soul wanders beyond the horizon.

The North is the birthplace of legends and of romanticism. This mysterious world – ever present in people’s minds, even if we are not always aware of it – was given shape at a time when feelings and a sense of honor were raised to the level of the sublime, and when man aspired to searching for the Absolute.

This makes for tremendous matter, which the creative artist endeavours to rejuvenate and to shine a light on. It is a great epoch to remodel through the means of art, so that it can not only prove its relevance to our world in the 21st century, but also be given the place it deserves in our technical and scientific world.

Without rejecting any traditions and their teachings, art must evolve over time.
"The artist must adapt this heritage from one century to another and pass it on”.

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